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Learn how KEYPAK Uses Visitor Queue
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Using Visitor Queue was one of the best decisions I have made in a while. This is a company that can help you grow, and gain leads seamlessly through your own website. As people have busy day to day projects, I appreciate the fact that I get notifications of who has visited our website, so I can constantly reach out to companies, individuals, and prospects on a daily basis. It allows me to constantly network and grow the business rather than just tending to the business I already have. I would put this as a 5 Star Company in my books.

Spencer Sketchley
Account Executive


Now I know who is coming to my site thanks to Visitor Queue. I use Google for most everything therefore the importance of the immediate integration with Google Analytics is required for me. It is super easy to understand. Email alerts are received letting me know someone visited my site. This helps me to take action immediately. Tracking who is coming to my site and having the ability to follow up immediately are keys to success for me and Visitor Queue came and unlocked the doors.

Renea Hanks


It gives more granular details about website visitors and also helps in getting more insights. User experience is pretty intuitive. Filter option is useful if you have a lot of web pages that need to be analyzed categorically. Emails that are set to be triggered are useful too. Data insights into website visitors that helped us granularly see if our marketing campaigns are moving in the right direction.

Narendhiran Sundaresan
Growth Hacker


Visitor Queue is a fantastic tool! It’s incredibly useful in intercepting interesting leads. We have closed clients thanks to the tool and it's also very useful to understand how our brand is perceived.

Filippo Gruni


Amazing!!! As someone working in sales this tool is very useful. It allows us to see who is viewing our website and follow up with them and close large deals.

Lorenzo Torre


Getting good leads with our businesses Suncoast HR Services - Sunshine Coast & The Omnia Group Limited. I think it's a great tool - well done!

Kate Brown
Business Partner


I run a boutique consulting business for analytics and digital strategies and it is very helpful for me to see which companies have visited our website. I already recommended and implemented at a startup that I advise.

Stefan Dreyer
Business Consultant & Founder


Simple and the price. Does everything you need but for less than a few other quotes I got. Easy to implement. Very user friendly, had my questions answered immediately from staff. Found pricing quickly.

Matt Gergely
Director of Marketing


Trying to find a way to qualify the B2B leads on our website, we discovered Visitor Queue. No need to be a web developer to understand. Easy settings, intuitive, very clear reports. The main goal of this software complete: leads can be qualified.

Pierre Lassalle


Great for B2B marketing. The basic idea of identifying visitors who did not convert but showed interest is a marketers' day dream so congrats for fulfilling that need!

Franck Thomas
Senior Digital Marketing Consultant


I just began using it and I'm already in love.

Chris Pieracci


Great design. Works great. 5/5.

Cody Deadman
Sales & Marketing Manager

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