Case Study: How Pinpointe On-Demand Uses Visitor Queue to Identify Companies that Leave Their Site Without Filling Out a Form

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Pinpointe’s cloud-based email marketing system empowers B2B marketers to target and personalize their communications based on prospects behavior, interests and characteristics. Pinpointe helps marketers nurture and deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team and analyze results with reduced marketing effort.

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Sherdah Moca

Account Manager
at Pinpointe On-Demand

How do you use Visitor Queue day-to-day?

Often companies come to the website but don't fill out a form. This product allows you to know which companies are visiting.

We hear this remark time and time again. In fact, 98% of website visitors will leave your website without a trace. Simply by adding the Visitor Queue tracking script to your website, you are now able to view all of the companies that land on your website as well as visit details, firmographic information, key employee contact details and more. And, with Account Filters, you can ensure that your leads are high-quality and relevant to your company’s target audience.Paragraph Quotes P1 Link

Do you use any other tools for lead generation?

I have used other products like this, but this is the best in its class that I have used so far. It has an easy to use interface, and just simply gives me the information I need in a simple to read format.

We love hearing this! We will always continue to grow and optimize our offering. Learning how to use a new software is hard enough, we like to make it as seamless as possible. And, if you do have any questions about terminology, understanding data, or qualifying leads, our customer support team is happy to help!

What do you typically do with the information we provide?

I know XYZ company is looking for information on [page] A, then I know that [page A] might be a concern to company XYZ.

This is one of the most popular ways that our clients use Visitor Queue. If a company visits your “Pricing” page, but they don’t reach out or sign up, then you are able to follow up with them using the contact information provided by Visitor Queue. You can qualify them even further by knowing how long they spend on each page and how they landed on your website.

What is your favorite thing about our service?

It helps us to know if our marketing campaigns are working, and which blogs and materials are getting the most traction by industry and individual companies.

The unique insight on your website visitors that Visitor Queue provides is unmatched. While other analytics sites, like Google Analytics, provide you with page views, we take it one step further by identifying the company that was actually viewing those pages. In turn, this helps you know that your ads, blogs, and other content is reaching the right audience. And if they don’t convert right away, you are able to reach out to them and ensure that they have found everything that they were looking for.

Try Visitor Queue out for yourself, for free! Start your 14-day free trial today and stop losing leads. If you have any questions about Visitor Queue, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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