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How Agencies Use Visitor Queue

There are a few different options your agency has when deciding on the best way to use Visitor Queue for your clients.

Option 1 - Add Your Clients -

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Add all of your client’s websites to your Visitor Queue account, and invite them as users to manage their leads. They’ll only be able to see the information for their website and you have the ability to help optimize their account with them. When approved as an agency partner, you will get a 25% off promotion code you can apply to your account. Choose to pass the cost onto your clients or provide Visitor Queue as a value added service. Sign up for an agency account today!

Option 2 - Invite Your Clients

Invite all of your clients to join Visitor Queue using our referral program and enjoy a recurring 25% commission for life. We’ll take care of the onboarding and support, you get to enjoy the commission and satisfaction of introducing new services to your clients. It’s as easy as generating an affiliate link and sharing it with your clients. Sign up for our affiliate program now!

Option 3 - White-Label

While we don’t have a traditional white-label platform, we do have the ability to white-label our data through our API, integrations with CRMs and MAPs (Google Sheets is very popular for this use case), and/or using .CSV exports. Simply add our tracking script to your client’s websites and set up the white-label method you want. Also, you still get 25% off when approved as an agency partner when using this option!

Option 4 - Hybrid of Options

If you aren’t sure if one option will work for all of your clients, you can always combine them based on your client’s needs. Nothing is stopping you from inviting some users to your account, while also referring others, and setting up a white-label integration for some!

Benefits of Being an Agency Partner

Lifetime 25% Commission

Refer your clients to Visitor Queue and receive a 25% recurring commission. Each agency get's it's own unique referral link and can track their results in our partner dashboard.

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Exclusive Discounts

All of our agency partners receive a unique discount code they can pass onto their clients, or apply to their agency account. Discount percentages vary. Create your agency account today to receive yours.

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Additional Benefits

  • Co-marketing
  • 24/7 support
  • Listing on our website
  • You're the hero
  • Unique discount code
  • Marketing materials
  • Onboarding
  • Reward points system
  • One dashboard for all clients
  • Training
  • Dedicated manager
  • Offer your clients more

Current Partner Agencies

London, UK

Verona, Italy


Toronto, Canada

Pistoia, Italy

Melbourne, Australia

Use Cases for Your Clients

Marketing Analytics

Track what companies are doing on your website, and how they got there, to better optimize website experience and report on marketing efforts.

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New Business Development

Identifiy new companies that are visiting your website, along with their key contact information, and key employee information to reach out to them via phone, email, LinkedIn, direct mail, etc. to convert them into a new client.

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Existing Business Development

Track your existing clients so you can follow up with them at the perfect time. You already have their contact information, so we provide you with the perfect time and insight for follow up.

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See why thousands of companies use Visitor Queue to identify their website traffic.