What is a powerful, state of the art, B2B lead generation software without an abundance of advanced features to enhance the user experience? We built Visitor Queue with end users in mind, so we knew that we had to create features that would make them love it! Below are only a few of the great features you get when you utilize Visitor Queue within your organization; the best way to discover them all is to try Visitor Queue for yourself!

Free beta
Free Beta

We need your feedback to make Visitor Queue the best it can be! So, we are offering it 100% free during our Beta, with no obligations or contracts to continue with us after we have launched our full product! That means free leads for your business!

Unlimited Users

Unlike some of the other products on the market, we allow you to have an unlimited number of users working within Visitor Queue. Even better, our admin features make managing all your users simple and efficient!

User first
User-First Design

As mentioned above, we were always thinking about the end user while developing Visitor Queue. Our user-first design is truly one of a kind and we think it speaks for itself, however, we'll let you be the judge!

Company Contact Information

Did you know that on average 98% of website visitors leave your website without getting into contact with you? Identify the name, location, contact information and so much more of those businesses.

Website Visit Information

Discover what your leads are interested in by viewing what they did on your website! Find out how they got on your website, how much time they spent, the pages they visited and more!

Company Social Media Accounts

With social selling becoming more popular, it's almost essential to review your leads social media accounts for insights. We make that easy by providing links to their most popular profiles!

Features 1
Features 2
Lead Queues

Classifying and filtering your leads is incredibly important for productivity. Lead Queues are fully customizable automatic or manual filters that you can use to strategically sort your leads.

Searching for Companies

Our powerful Company Search feature allows you to find any lead within your Visitor Queue account in no time. Don't waste time searching through multiple queues, just type in the company name and you'll find what you are looking for.

Hiding of Leads

Let's face it, there are likely some companies that visit your website that you wouldn't consider a lead. You can easily prevent these companies from showing up in your account by hiding them.

Exporting of Leads

You don't have to just work with your leads within Visitor Queue, you can export your leads and work with them elsewhere. We promise we won't be upset if you regularly export your leads and develop them into sales outside of Visitor Queue!

Emailing of Leads

Unlike regularly scheduled email notifications, if you find an interesting lead (or multiple ones), you can easily email it/them directly to someone's inbox. Whether they are a user within Visitor Queue or not - share leads with anyone!

Lead Archiving

If you have finished working with a lead and don't want to see it until they have revisited your website – just archive it! You won't lose any of the historical information and you can always unarchive it!

Features 3
Features 4
Account Filters

There's a possibility that not all the leads in your account are applicable to your business. If you only sell to certain cities or countries, you can set up Account Filters so that you only see leads from those locations. Additionally, if you only want to view leads that visited certain pages on your website and not others, you can set up page specific Account Filters.

Auto-Assignment of Leads

Don't spend as much time as an admin assigning leads to users! If you know some of your users will automatically be given leads based on the leads location or a page that they visited on your website, then Auto-Assignment is perfect for you.

Email Notifications

We want to ensure that you know about the leads in your account. So, we send email notifications right to your inbox! All you need to do is decide if hourly, daily, weekly or monthly notifications work best for you.

Lead days
30 Days' Worth of Leads

After you have completed setup, you will see the previous 30 days' worth of leads already loaded into your account. This way your team wastes no time getting started using Visitor Queue.

No support
No IT Support Needed

We don't require any special website codes, which means you won't need any support from your IT team. All you need is access to your Google Analytics account and to follow our easy 3-step setup process and you will be working with your new leads in minutes!

Dedicated support
Dedicated Customer Support

We love our clients! If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns about your Visitor Queue account, our dedicated support staff are here to help! We understand that utilizing a new software in an organization is difficult, so don't be afraid to contact us!

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