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Simply put, Visitor Queue tells you what businesses have visited your website so that your B2B business (a business that sells to other businesses) can generate more leads and increase your revenue. Now, we’re going to lay everything on the table - we are not the first to build a software of this type. In fact, we decided to build Visitor Queue after our CEO, Nick Hollinger, had tried several of the others a Sales & Marketing Manager for a B2B company. He saw the enormous value and potential for a software like this, but realized after spending several months testing the ones currently on the market that they all had some major faults and weren’t built with end users in mind. That is when he decided it was time to build his own.

After doing research and meeting with B2B companies and consultants in the industry, Nick knew he was onto something and began looking for help with development. He met with an experienced B2B software developer by the name of Taras Zubyak. After their first meeting, Taras fell in love with the idea, and soon after joined Visitor Queue as CTO. Taras brought with him a team of developers who would help turn their aspirations for a great software into reality. Working around the clock, the Visitor Queue team had one goal in mind the entire time, create the best, most user-friendly software on the market.

Almost a year after first dreaming up the idea, Visitor Queue launched into Private Beta testing, and then into Public Beta testing. Hailing from London, Ontario, Canada, we currently work with companies across the globe in a number of different industries. We are passionate about helping businesses grow and providing them an easy to use software that helps them do that. We look forward to what the future has in store for us and more importantly, our clients.

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