Why Smiths Believes Visitor Queue is the "Best Provider in this Sector"

About Smiths Metal Centres

Smiths Metal Centres Ltd is a world class supplier of metals and plastics into a broad range of engineering and industrial applications. Our customers operate in a wide variety of sectors and often have differing purchasing requirements. Our aim is to offer all our customers, from the small machine shop to large multi-national corporation, a supply path that continuously provides the highest levels of service, quality and value.

IndustryMetal Service Centers and Other Metal Merchant Wholesalers

HeadquartersBedfordshire, England

Employee Count201-500

About Smiths High Performance

Smiths High Performance is a leading stockholder and supplier of high-performance metals and plastics to the global motorsport sector. We specialise in the supply of high technology engineering materials and are support partners in a range of specialist markets. When you purchase from us, you will be joining some of the biggest and best-in-class engineering companies.


HeadquartersBedfordshire, England

Employee Count10-50

We sat down with John Winterton from Smiths Metal Centres and Smiths High Performance to discuss the unique challenges him and his team faced when looking to identify their website visitors, and how Visitor Queue as able to assist them in overcoming them.

John Winterton

Group Marketing Manager

What is your name, position and company name?

John Winterton, Group Marketing Manager, Smiths Metal Centres Limited and Smiths High Performance

What were your lead generation tools prior to Visitor Queue?

We used Google Analytics (GA), reporting to our business managers on a daily basis. In February 2020, Google suspended the inclusion of core metrics in their reports (such as the service provider tag), making this reporting function redundant. We required a viable alternative.

This is an obstacle we have seen many companies looking to overcome. Since Google has stopped providing this domain information, lots of companies are looking for other ways to identify their visitors.

What was missing from your lead generation tactics prior to Visitor Queue?

We are always thrilled to hear that our clients find our solution so easy to navigate. We strive to make the most user-friendly platform for our clients and their teams.

We currently track two businesses in VQ – Smiths Metal Centres (a UK network of 14 metal service centres) and Smiths High Performance (our high-performance division who supply engineering materials primarily to Formula 1). We use a tagging system – for UK and general export customers our service centre managers see exclusive lists of leads based on the tags they can view. They subsequently assign these leads to team members. For motorsport, their leads are tagged based on products viewed and business location. Both companies actively use the system to acquire new business. We have only been using Visitor Queue for a short time and have already opened two new accounts in the USA.

What was missing from your lead generation tactics prior to Visitor Queue?

User-friendliness and speed of information. While GA provided all the data we needed, we had to create sophisticated reporting routines using Excel and VBA to get meaningful data extracts; this was time-consuming.

We are always thrilled to hear that our clients find our solution so easy to navigate. We strive to make the most user-friendly platform for our clients and their teams.

How did you come across Visitor Queue?

Like many of our clients, they seemed to be endlessly searching for a solution that meets their needs.

We piloted a few online visitor reporting tools, all of which were very limiting in their structure and performance. We came across Visitor Queue after performing keyword searches in Google.

What is your favourite thing about Visitor Queue?

Company flexibility. Our business operations are quite complex, and it was clear from the outset that an ‘off the shelf’ system would not be a good fit for us. Visitor Queue’s tech team have been outstanding in making customised adjustments so that we can use it to benefit our business. The overall service is game-changing – the portal is simple to use and administer. Unlike many platforms, the system allows us to allocate leads based on user access rights.

We always look forward to learning more about the complexities of our client’s business environment so that we can assist them to the best of our abilities.

Would you recommend Visitor Queue?

We love hearing this, our team is always available to help our clients and assist them in any way we can!

Without hesitation - in our opinion, Visitor Queue is the best provider in this sector. We would like to extend our thanks to Nick, Ken and the tech team for listening and working with us to provide a first-class lead generating solution.

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