About Scarbrough Group of Companies

Scarbrough Group of Companies has continued to provide proactive, personalized service, allowing the organization to continually grow with offices throughout the USA, China and Mexico. The philosophy of providing customers with superior personalized service at a competitive price has remained constant.

  • Industry
    Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Headquarters
    Kansas City, Missouri
  • Employee Count
    51 - 200

What were your lead generation tools prior to Visitor Queue?

Lead Forensics, Webinars, Seminars

We understand that your marketing stack is going to require multiple tools, and we strive to cover as much ground as possible to help you streamline your sales efforts.

Kim Taylor
Marketing Director, Scarbrough Group of Companies

What was missing from your lead generation tactics prior to Visitor Queue?

Knowing what companies were hitting our site.

We understand that knowing how many visitors and visits you get is important, but who are they? Let us tell you!

How did you come across Visitor Queue?

I was contacted by the Visitor Queue team via email

One of our best-selling points is our team here at Visitor Queue, which just goes to show that even our CEO lives by the “all hands-on deck” mentality.

How do you use Visitor Queue day-to-day?

We had over 360,000 hits on our website in just 2019. Through VQ, we target certain keyword searches and contact those companies.

Our clients use our software in so many different ways it is always exciting to learn how they use it and gives us new perspectives of how we can adapt to better serve them.

What is your favourite thing about Visitor Queue?

Here at Visitor Queue, we work hard alongside our partners to ensure they are fully utilizing our software and if there is something we can improve on, we really listen and do everything we can to make it better for you.

The team and customer service. The team is always very helpful. They are willing to take suggestions and make changes.

Customer service low

Would you recommend Visitor Queue?

We love hearing that our clients are enjoying our service so much and that we are able to continually improve ourselves over the competition.

We had Lead Forensics before VQ. I would recommend VQ over Lead Forensics any day. It is easy to use, the team is great, and the price is right.

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