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Why Penneo Thinks We’re the Best Lead Tracking Tool on the Market

About Penneo

Penneo helps organizations across industries like audit and accounting, finance, law, and property management, as well as HR and admin departments to digitize their business processes and document workflows.

IndustryComputer Software

HeadquartersKøbenhavn V, Capital Region of Denmark

Employee Count51-200


Gautier Garin

Director of Marketing

How did you come across Visitor Queue?

We were already using a similar tool but were not satisfied by it so I did some research myself and came quickly across VQ thanks to google search.

We are so thankful Penneo came across us, and that we are able to satisfy their needs better than our competitor!

What were your lead generation tools prior to using Visitor Queue?

We were using Leadfeeder as a similar tool to Visitor Queue. In addition, we are using Gravity forms for our website forms, leadbooster as chatbot and some automation via Pardot.

We understand that your marketing is going to require multiple tools, and we strive to cover as much ground as possible to help you streamline your sales efforts.

How do you use Visitor Queue day-to-day?

We created some filter queues to make sure we capture the high value leads for us. We are more interested in quality than quantity so we give a strong focus on which pages are visited, which industries companies are from etc. Once the highly qualified leads identified, we sent them to Salesforce so they feed some commercial purposes.

Filter queues are always a favorite of our clients! Setting up filter queues is a great way to ensure your leads are exactly what you’re looking for. We have over 15 filters that can be applied!


What do you typically do with the information we provide?

We analyse it and add it to our CRM Salesforce to give more information to accounts and for sales employees.

Integrating Visitor Queue with your CRM software is a great way to manage your leads. Visitor Queue integrates with a number of CRMs to best fit your needs.

What was missing from your lead generation tactics prior to using Visitor Queue?

The interface of leadfeeder was not so good and their customer management was terrible, we didn't wish to partner with companies like that anymore.

We strive to keep Visitor Queue the most user friendly platform out there! We are always updating and adding new features to provide our clients with the best experience possible. Plus, our team is always happy to help via live chat, email, and zoom.

What is your favourite thing about our service?

The human part of the service. At Penneo, we strongly value work ethic and values, we want to build strong relationships with our partners. The contact with VQ has been very easy from the beginning with a strong understanding of our needs. Nick himself took the time to reply to me and showed great understanding.

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible. Our team tries to understand everyone's individual needs in order to best serve them.

Have we helped you close new or existing business? If so, how?

It is a bit too early for us but we are confident it will help us to close a couple of new customers per year. More importantly, the information indicated is accurate and helps us in other areas like website optimization etc.

We are so happy to hear this! Visitor Queue provides information like time on site, page views, page path, source, and so much more that can be used in more ways than lead generation.


Would you recommend Visitor Queue? If so, why?

I would definitely recommend VQ as the best lead tracking tool on the market at a correct price. VQ has a human approach and people working there think about their customers interests before making as much profit as possible.

Another happy customer! We love knowing that our clients are enjoying our service, and that provide a better experience than our competition.

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