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Why PlanetMagpie Switched to Visitor Queue from Leadfeeder & Recommends it for Other Small Businesses

About PlanetMagpie

With more than 20 years experience, PlanetMagpie is a trusted IT partner to American businesses. They offer their Technology Consulting, Technical Support, Digital Marketing and Cloud Services to businesses of all sizes. PlanetMagpie serves a variety of industries including Real Estate, Agriculture, Healthcare, Engineering, Government and so many more.

IndustryInformation Technology & Services

HeadquartersFremond, California, USA

Employee Count11-50 employees


Chris Williams

Digital Marketing & Communications Manager

How did you come across Visitor Queue?

We encountered Visitor Queue during research on lead tracking systems. It appeared in several review articles and search results.

Visitor Queue has been featured in many articles, like the Top 5 Best Website Visitor Identification Software by Tech Times, for being one of the most affordable and best lead generation tools out there!

What were your lead generation tools prior to using Visitor Queue?

We used LeadFeeder prior to this.

Visitor Queue and LeadFeeder share a lot of common traits, but Visitor Queue is a fraction of the price, and offers more leads and features that Leadfeeder doesn’t. Check out a more in depth comparison here.

How do you use Visitor Queue day-to-day?

I check the morning email report each day. If a lead looks reasonable there, I log into Visitor Queue’s dashboard to examine it more carefully, and then direct it to Sales Management

The daily lead reports are often a favourite feature! The email report gives a brief overview of potential leads that have visited your site over the past day (or however often you set up the email preferences to be).


What do you typically do with the information we provide?

We use Visitor Queue for lead origination, as well as comparative content tracking (which pages get the most traffic, from which audiences?).

Visitor Queue is so much more than a lead generation software. We offer in-depth analytics of what the businesses are engaging with on your site, time spent, page views and more.

What was missing from your lead generation tactics prior to using Visitor Queue?

Our previous solution did a very good job. It has many similarities to Visitor Queue. We switched because the previous solution dramatically raised their prices, making it unviable for our purposes.

This is a common complaint clients make from their previous lead generation tools. Visitor Queue plans start at $39 USD per month, with no annual commitment.

What is your favourite thing about our service?

I enjoy the easy-to-read reports, both via email and in the dashboard. It is very much “at a glance.”

We are so happy our clients enjoy the simple yet in depth reports they receive!


Has using Visitor Queue helped you close new or existing business?

Yes. While it’s not our primary lead generation channel, it has led to at least one contract won in our market.

It is amazing that PlanetMagpie was able to win at least one contract using Visitor Queue! We hope that many more are to come.

Would you recommend Visitor Queue?

I would happily recommend Visitor Queue for small businesses. The system is easy to use, provides useful details on leads, and has reasonable pricing.

We love to hear this! Visitor Queue is able to benefit everyone, from small local businesses to large enterprises, with pricing plans that work for everyone.

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