How Vast Benefits from Utilizing Visitor Queue with their Multiple Brands

About VAST

VAST Industrial Corp.’s group of companies deliver industry-leading products to our clients with friendly service. Our key advantage to developing excellent products and services is the skill, dedication and effort of our hard-working team members. Our diverse team has experience across many disciplines enabling us to develop holistic solutions for our companies and yours.

IndustryLogistics & Supply Chain

HeadquartersLondon, ON

Employee Count11-50

Dalton Hill-Whitson

Director of Marketing

How did VAST come across Visitor Queue?

Our CEO is actually very well-connected in the London community and came across Visitor Queue with a couple of his partners actually. I'm not 100% sure how he found it but he implored us to look into it and it turned out to be a really good fit for our company.

How does VAST use Visitor Queue?

We have Visitor Queue linked to all of our company's websites and we have it set up so myself, and then the director of business development at each organization can see the leads that are coming to our website. We have them filtered and set up based on some of our key requirements, Visitor Queue allows you to filter some of the leads you may not be interested in. So, we take a look at the leads that are coming to our website and use that as an opportunity to either reach out to new clients or to talk to existing clients that are on our website and perhaps looking for a new product or service.

What problem does Visitor Queue help you solve?

Visitor Queue solves a number of problems for our organization. The most important one is now we're able to see who is coming to our website even if they have not gotten in touch with us through a contact form or lead generator. We can now take it upon ourselves to reach out to one of those organizations just to see if they found what they're looking for, or like I said if it's a returning customer just make sure that we have provided them the service they are looking for.

What are some features you use most often?

A great thing is that it enables us to see in detail how they've accessed our website whether that's a paid or CPC campaign or whether or not they came organically. As well as the sites or the pages that user was specifically interested in so if there's a certain product that they visited we're now able to reach out to them specifically about that product and follow up with them to make sure that they have all the information that they need.

How do you find navigating Visitor Queue?

The simple dashboard makes it very easy for all generations, we have older people on our organization, but it's really easy to use and find all the information that you want about one of the leads of the visited your website. It's all neatly organized so you can find their contact information their social and again how they accessed the webpage and what pages they were on.

Would you recommend Visitor Queue?

I would a hundred percent recommend Visitor Queue to others. Whether you're growing business or established business it does not hurt to know who is on your site taking a look around you can glean many insights from that.

Any other thoughts on Visitor Queue you would like to share?

I also think that Visitor Queue is available at a very fair price and it has an excellent customer service, that's a one point I do want to stress, they're never more than a phone call or email away and they're always happy to answer questions. If there's not a feature that is offered, they've looked into it for us, they also ask and explain what's available to us. I think based on the product, service and the team there at Visitor Queue, it is something I would definitely recommend to growing organizations.

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