Case Study: How Spireon Inc. Uses Visitor Queue to Target Enterprise-Sized Prospects

About Spireon Inc.

Spireon, Inc. is the leading provider of telematics solutions in the U.S., providing businesses and consumers with powerful insights to track, manage and protect their most valuable assets.

IndustryIT Services and IT Consulting

HeadquartersIrvine, California

Employee Count200-500

Ryan Weber

Sr. Marketing Operations Manager

How did you come across Visitor Queue?

We did a great deal of research and shopped a number of vendors and the options and price that Visitor Queue offered were the best we found.

We always recommend trying out multiple options so that you choose the best software based on your specific needs. We are so happy to hear that Visitor Queue’s features and price won you over!

Why did you choose Visitor Queue for your lead generation needs?

The fact that they had an option for a month to month contract was great since we are still testing the functionality of an IP tracking software for our company.

This is a common complaint that we hear from our clients that have switched from a competitor. Your company’s needs change on a daily basis, and you never know the curveballs that business will throw. Because of this, we don’t see why you would need to commit to a 1-year contract. We offer month-to-month plans or year-long contracts at a 20% discount that will perfectly fit any company’s needs.

How do you use Visitor Queue day-to-day?

Tracking the larger enterprise level customers and prospects that visited our different web properties, but may not be currently tracked via Hubspot.

Hubspot is a great software, but without plugging contact information into it, your lead generation strategies might not be as successful as you’d like them to be. Easily set up Hubspot via our native integration, or your CRM of choice, to easily follow up.

What is your favorite thing about our service?

Our sales team loves the option to be able to see what their current prospects are doing on our sites without requiring them to take a specific action.

Keeping sales and marketing teams happy makes us happy! Easily view what each lead has done on your site to help qualify them. You have access to their visit details including how they were acquired, the pages they viewed, and how long they spent on each page. By knowing what pages they have shown interest in, your sales team is able to reach out with the contact information available in Visitor Queue with a personalized pitch based on the content they looked at. As an example, if a user viewed your “How it Works” page, ensure that they understand what your company has to offer.

Try Visitor Queue out for yourself, for free! Start your 14-day free trial today and stop losing leads. If you have any questions about Visitor Queue, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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