How SIGMA Uses Visitor Queue to Complement Their Marketing & Sales Efforts


For over 50 years, SIGMA has focused on leadership development backed by science. They help maximize your talent with a measurement driven approach designed to quantify and develop people potential and increase organizational effectiveness.

IndustryHuman Resources

HeadquartersPort Huron, Michigan

Employee Count11-50

Glenn Harrison


How did Sigma choose Visitor Queue?

It was a time when I was looking for a little more visibility into what our website was doing and people visiting our website and I just happened to see an article in London Business Magazine, so the timing was perfect so for us.

How does Sigma use Visitor Queue?

What we do is we use Visitor Queue when somebody visits the website, the nice thing is we typically use it for our succession planning product. The nice thing with that is if somebody's on the site for succession planning it's typically going to be either the CEO or the senior executive in HR, so it's pretty easy to assume who the contact is. We would basically identify the company, find the CEO and the senior HR person and then we would send them a note.

What has Sigma done in the past, and how has Visitor Queue helped?

Historically from a marketing perspective we really use content to drive our marketing and the old-school way of thinking is put some good content on and exchange it for information and have individuals fill out a contact form. I don't really find that people are wanting to fill out those contact forms, so the contact form has really become a barrier. What Visitor Queue allows us to do is get our content out there but still have some visibility to who is actually consuming that content. It's a nice middle ground because I would rather have my content in someone's hands rather than putting up that gate in front of people and them not downloading it at all.

Do you use any of data from Visitor Queue in your metrics?

The interesting thing with Visitor Queue is, certainly we like the obvious of being able to know who's visiting our site. I think the really cool thing about Visitor Queue is the analytics, it is really nice and gives you a lot of great data but there is something about knowing that a specific company is visiting your site and a specific company has consumed that content.

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