How Goebel Uses Visitor Queue to Gain Insight on their Customers

About Goebel:

Goebel produces and services highly efficient web fed printing machines for the security and packaging markets. German engineered and Swiss made to the highest standards, Goebel has been meeting customers' needs for 170 years, with locations in Switzerland, Germany, and India.


HeadquartersBaar, Zug, Switzerland

Employee Count201-500


Karl Steinke

Head of Sales

How did you first hear about Visitor Queue?

We had started to track visitors to our website with Google Analytics and we were really excited about that, seeing how many visitors we were getting and seeing where they were coming from. Sometimes I would say “Hey, wow there's somebody from Denmark who is visiting our website looking at this,” and then a day later we would get an inquiry from a customer in Denmark and that was pretty exciting but I thought there's got to be a better, more detailed way of looking into that.


Why did you decide to use Visitor Queue?

Well, of course, I always want to deal with nice Canadians but other than that it seems that you have a very user-friendly system and you have a very friendly and easy way to get started with you. It just seemed a lot easier to start with Visitor Queue than with the competitors and it seems like you're giving good value for money for what you're offering.


How do you use Visitor Queue?

We've set Visitor Queue up so we have automatic filters by geography so we have any visitors who come to us from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, which is German-speaking Europe, to go into one bucket, and we have other filters set up for various geographic areas that are sent to certain specific salespeople who are dealing with that. But, other than that we take the time and we look at the people who are visiting our website, look up their company, maybe look up their website, their LinkedIn page and just try to do some research with the company and I think that we have at times reached out to them before they even contacted us.


What is your favorite thing about Visitor Queue?

My favorite thing about Visitor Queue is it is very easy to use, I think as far as user-friendliness of a website it's really state of the art. I’m 52-years-old and it’s just very easy to use, it's very easy to add other users, and it was very easy to get started, we just put a bit of code on our website. It’s the way everything should be.


Would you recommend Visitor Queue?

I would recommend Visitor Queue to anyone who is in the B2B marketplace and wants to gain greater insight on who is visiting their website. You'll find out more about your customers and potential customers and I think learning more about your customer's needs is what business is all about.


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