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Why National Waste Associates
Switched to Visitor Queue from their Existing Provider

About National Waste

National Waste Associates manages risk and compliance, vendor contracts and waste invoice auditing to provide hassle-free waste services and significant savings. We provide commercial waste management for organizations with 50 to 5,000 locations across North America.

  • Industry
    Environmental Services
  • Headquarters
    Glastonbury, Connecticut
  • Employee Count
    11 - 50

How did you first come across Visitor Queue?

"Actually, we received an email from Visitor Queue. We were using another service at the time and were not looking to change. But I investigated and found that VQ was about ¼ the cost of the service we were using. So, we signed up for a trial and found VQ provided the same service with more capabilities."

Beverli Christensen
Sales and Marketing Supervisor

How do you use Visitor Queue?

"We use VQ to track companies that visit our website a certain number of times within 30 days. We then give these leads to our business development coordinators for follow up."

Which problems is Visitor Queue solving for your business?

"Visitor Queue provides additional leads from businesses interested in our services."

How has your experience been using Visitor Queue?

"Great! We have not had any issues or problems."

Would you recommend Visitor Queue to others?

"Yes! The service is great, and the cost is very reasonable."

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