Case Study: How Keypak Uses
Visitor Queue to Improve Lead Generation

We sat down with Kerry Holmes, the Business Development and Marketing Manager at Keypak, to discuss how they have been using Visitor Queue to generate more qualified sales leads.

How simple is it to use Visitor Queue?
Visitor Queue is very simple to use and setup, much more so than some other applications we have tried.

Which other applications have you tried?
We used a trial of Lead Forensics which is similar and has comparable features but at a much higher cost.

How do you incorporate Visitor Queue into your sales process?
We have Visitor Queue connected to Zapier which connects to Infusionsoft. The leads are collected in Infusionsoft and our CSR follow them up by email if possible of telephone and make appointments for the sales staff.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
We have greater insight into who is visiting our website, for how long and what they are looking at. Definitely have seen an increase in potential leads due to the increased visibility of the website traffic. With the provided contact information, we are able to appropriately reach out to these visitors and close sales!

What do you like best?
The software is very simple to deploy and just works. The interface is simple and intuitive and allowed us to very easily get set up. With a connection through Zapier, we get all the new leads right into our CRM. Excellent system.

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