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Why KEYPAK Chose Visitor Queue Over the Competition


KEYPAK is one of Canada’s largest independent packaging solutions companies. But they prefer to describe themselves as a group of Canucks who believe that shipping supplies should be priced right and shipped fast. KEYPAK started as a family business in London, Ontario back in 1994. Their strategically located warehouses and efficient ordering system mean you can trust them to deliver on-time and under-budget.

IndustryPackaging and Containers

HeadquartersToronto, Canada

Employee Count11 - 50

Kerry Holmes

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Visitor Queue vs. the competition

When KEYPAK first started a trial with us, they identified that they had been using and testing out several of our competitors.

We used a trial of Lead Forensics which is similar and has comparable features but at a much higher cost.
Also, Visitor Queue is very simple to use and setup, much more so than some other applications we have tried.

KEYPAK ended up choosing Visitor Queue based on data quality and our cost effectiveness.

How we fit into their existing sales process

Like most of our clients, KEYPAK had a well-established sales process before trying Visitor Queue. So, we knew we had to fit into this process as smoothly as possible.

We have Visitor Queue connected to Zapier which connects to Infusionsoft. The leads are collected in Infusionsoft and our CSR follow them up by email if possible, or telephone and make appointments for the sales staff.

By integrating our data from Zapier into Infusionsoft, they are able to ensure their CSR has a constant flow of warm sales leads.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

KEYPAK identified to us that they enjoy systems that have great UI and UX. Also, being a SMB, we knew that they didn’t have time to waste learning and integrating overly complex systems.

The software is very simple to deploy and just works. The interface is simple and intuitive and allowed us to very easily get set up. With a connection through Zapier, we get all the new leads right into our CRM. Excellent system.

How website traffic visibility has helped them

By identifying the companies that are visiting their website, KEYPAK has been able to generate more qualified leads and close more sales.

We have greater insight into who is visiting our website, for how long and what they are looking at. Definitely have seen an increase in qualified leads due to the increased visibility of the website traffic. With the provided contact information, we are able to appropriately reach out to these visitors and close sales!

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