Integrate SugarCRM
With Visitor Queue

SugarCRM Integration Overview

SugarCRM helps businesses everywhere provide the most outstanding experience of all time — for every customer, from anywhere in the world. We are building a world where companies can act as fully functional extensions of their customers. Where teams can anticipate needs long before customers even realize they have them. Where sales, marketing, and services are fully freed to focus on people instead of processes. We bring innovation, transparency, integrity, value, and passion to all we do to cultivate customers for life.

How to Integrate SugarCRM With Visitor Queue

Integrate Visitor Queue with SugarCRM without any code! Using our native integration, you can create integrations instantly without involving a developer. Follow the steps below!

  1. Sign into your Visitor Queue account.
  2. Navigate to the settings.
  3. Go to the integrations section.
  4. Scroll down or search for the SugarCRM integration. Click connect and a popup will appear.
  5. Enter your SugarCRM site url, username, password and the rest API version your account uses.
  6. Add vqapp to the API settings in SugarCRM by following these instructions:
    1. Sign into your SugarCRM account as an admin
    2. Click your profile image in the top right.
    3. Click "Admin" from the dropdown
    4. Scroll down to "Configure API Platforms" (about halfway down) and click it
    5. Scroll down to the text entry box and input: vqapp
    6. Click the "Add" Button
    7. Click "Save"
    8. Please ensure you connect using a SugarCRM account with access to these modules: Accounts, Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities/RevenueLineItems
  7. You have successfully integrated SugarCRM and Visitor Queue. You can now create account, lead, opportunity and contact records directly in SugarCRM from Visitor Queue.


1. Visitor Queue Pro Account

2. SugarCRM Account


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